The Masterplan DIWA project is thankful for the invitation to present the intermediate results of the Masterplan DIWA project at the IWT workshop of UNECE “Towards a Modern, Sustainable and Resilient E Waterway Network”.  Apart from introducing the Masterplan DIWA project to the participants of the workshop, the approach, the main conclusions and recommendations of the five business developments reports and the next steps in the project were presented. The five business development reports describe digitalisation topics about:

  • Smart Shipping
  • Synchro-Modality
  • Port and Terminal Information Service
  • RIS Enabled Corridor Management
  • ITS, ERTMS, e-navigation

As the Masterplan DIWA is currently doing a feedback round, the input from the secretary of UNECE was most welcome. During the workshop an online survey was conducted among the participants about several IWT topics, including the DIWA project. Both the feedback and the results of the survey will be taken into account in the follow up activities of the Masterplan DIWA project.

UNECE Workshop