DIWA Activity 5 conducted a first physical meeting enabling DIWA subactivity leaders to give a first presentation of their results and discuss their conclusions with each other.

Activity 2 on Business Developments and Activity 3 on Technological Development elaborated on the questions received by Activity 5 and provided their input for the final product of the project being the DIWA Masterplan.

The presentations focused on the following aspects:

  • Input provision to the VISION of DIWA (SuAc 5.1) including the most relevant trends and recommendations for these trends.
  • Input provision to the ROADMAP of DIWA (SuAc 5.2) including new services and their assignment to the scenarios basic (< 5 years), intermediate (5-10 years) and advanced (>10 years). Furthermore, gaps concerning the infrastructure, services and data are described for the scenarios as well as the priority for stakeholders.
  • Input provision to the query on the CONSEQUENCES (SuAc 5.3) including technical, legal and financial aspects of the trends and services.