On November 21 and 22, the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam was briefly dedicated to shipping as the final event of DIWA and the kick-off of COMEX² took place. During the event the consortium reflected on the DIWA project of the past four years and COMEX2 was launched. Director Iris Reuselaars welcomed the participants at this historical location. Speakers talked about the importance of digitalisation in inland shipping.

The first day focused on the successful conclusion of the DIWA (Digitalisation of Inland Waterways) project. It was also discussed how the proposed measures can be included in projects, work programs and developments. With the DIWA project the aim is to further digitalise inland shipping transport, support navigation and integrate transport more fully into the European logistics system. Through digitalisation we want to make inland shipping more accessible, easier to manage and seamlessly integrated into the larger transport ecosystem. DIWA’s masterplan aims to establish a digital infrastructure for the European inland shipping network, with the goal of influencing EU policy and serving as a roadmap for digitalization of inland shipping. The plan emphasizes important aspects such as cybersecurity, standardization and legislation to ensure a safe and harmonized transition to the digital future of inland shipping transport.

During day 2 of the event, the kick-off of COMEX² was held. The RIS COMEX (2016-2022) results have been summarized, which resulted in the EuRIS platform – the central information portal for inland shipping. COMEX² was created to further develop EuRIS and expand it with more services among many other ambitions within the project. Consider, for example, further improvements for use and integration with the logistics sector. Skippers and the logistics sector were represented at the two-day event. They indicated that they were very happy with EuRIS and the possibilities it offers. But also that it needs to be known much more, and that the sector needs to be involved in its further development even more. The results of DIWA will be further elaborated in COMEX², among many other things.

Videos of the event

  • Day 1: DIWA final event
  • Day 2: Kick-off COMEX²

Impressions from the event