On 22 March 2023 the DIWA Masterplan project organized a full day on digitalisation during the Inland Navigation week in Brussels “Digitalisation in IWT: game changer or not, will we work together or on our own?

The workshop has been opened by Iris Reuselaars (director Rijkswaterstaat) and Marcus Erdmann (director GDWS). Several stakeholders like the EU, IWT platform, the DIWA project and economic operators Rhenus, NPRC and TTS  have shared their view on digitalisation. At the end of the morning the stakeholders discussed about the digitalisation challenges like data quality, data sharing and cybersecurity.

In the afternoon presentations by Seafar and sharing intentions of tracks showed that smart shipping applications are already there. The EuRIS and CEERIS portal proved that a lot of information is currently digitally available about the European waterways and on inland navigation. The FeRATED and FENIX presentations presented examples of data sharing challenges.

The conclusion of the workshop is definitely that we need to work together to coop with the challenges to the industry’s growth and competitiveness in the upcoming decade. The results of the workshop will be taken up by the DIWA project for input for the masterplan DIWA and the roadmap.

You can find the presentations of the digitalisation workshop here: